GST Migration Advisory

The GST common portal would reopen for migration on 25th June 2017. Assessees are required to complete the migration process before 30th September 2017. DG Systems is constantly compiling the provisional Id requests and sending them to GSTN for creation of Provisional IDs and pursuing with GSTN for issuance of PIDs and resolution of problems faced by registered taxpayers of Central Excise and Service Tax.

DG Systems would disseminate the Provisional IDs by or after 25th June 2017 to all the assessees whose Provisional IDs were cancelled due to not being activated by them. In the interim, following advisory is issued for the taxpayers and departmental officers for the frequently faced problems.

Also, any difficulty faced by the taxpayers while completing the enrolment process on needs to be taken up with the helpdesk of GSTN.

Sr No. Issue Advisory
1 Provisional Id is awaited Assessee needs to send a  request to and     mention     CE/ST registration  number, PAN  number,  legal  name  as  on  PAN, trade name of assessee, state.DG Systems will compile the list and  send  to  GSTN  for issuance  of  PID. The  Provisional  IDs would   be   distributed   among   assesses   only   after   being provided by GSTN to DG Systems, CBEC.
2 RC cancelled  Assessee needs to send a request to to reactivate the cancelled  Provisional  ID  and  mention  the  old  Provisional  ID issued earlier.
3 Centralised registrations: Provisional ID has not been issued for all the states PID  will  be  issued  to  all  addresses mentioned  in  Registration Certificate of  ST. If all the premises are not mentioned in the ST2/RC,  then  RC  needs  to  be  amended to  include  all  these premises. Assessee need to apply for fresh GST registration on  after  appointed  date  for  those  states  which addresses are not added in RC. Same  goes for new  premises that would be set up anywhere else.
4 Unable to submit enrolment form with Digital Signature Even  if  the  Assessee  is  unable  to  submit  the  form,  they  may only complete the form and save it on ARN number of saved forms will be emailed to them after 15th June 2017  subject  to  validation  of  information  supplied  on  GST common portal.
5 Provisional Id issued against wrong state / Assessee amended  the  state  after  the  issuance  of  provisional Id  Assessee needs to write to mentioning  the  state  for which PID is required and mention CE/ST registration number, provisional  ID,  PAN  number,  legal  name  as  on  PAN,  trade name  of  assessee,  state. DG Systems will compile  the  list and send to GSTN for issuing new ID.The ID issued for the old state would be CANCELLED.
6 Provisional  Id  issued  against  a different    registration    number (e.g. PID issued  against AAAAA1234MST001 which is not in use instead of AAAAA1234MST002 which is used by assesse
  • Assessee needs to check his jurisdiction for the registration number  against  which  the  PID  is  issued  on>  assesssee code based search. Then apply to the concerned  Range Superintendent to reset the password   for   the   registration.   Then   access   the   old registration number and obtain the PID and password.
  • Alternately, the Assessee may obtain the PID and Password from the concerned jurisdictional officer as same has also been shared with them through the Zonal Chief Commissioner Office
  • The Assessee then has to mention all his registered premises as additional premises in the enrolment form.
7 Provisional Id activated by assesse but not completed migration by filling up enrolment form.  Assessee  needs  to  complete the  enrolment  by  completely filling up enrolment form and save it on ARN number of saved forms will be emailed to them after 15thJune 2017  subject  to  validation  of  information  supplied  on  GST common portal.
8 No record found’ when searched by RC/ ST2 numberon under link “check registration status” Search  using  PAN  instead  of  registration  number.  Still,  if  the result is not found,please write to with  all  details  such  as registration  number,  PAN  number,  legal  name  as  on  PAN, business name, state for generation of PID.
9 Provisional Id is already mapped against a different user. Complaints  need  to  be  registered  with GSTN  help  desk  on 0124-4688999 or



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