Non GST Supply

As per section 2(78) “non-taxable supply” means a supply of goods or services or both which is not leviable to tax under this Act or under the Integrated Goods and Services Tax Act.

A transaction must be a ‘supply’ as defined under the GST law, to qualify as a non-taxable supply under the GST law.

The following aspects need to be noted:

  • Stock transfers to unit within the State for which no separate registration is obtained, which does not qualify as a ‘supply’ as defined under Section 7 of the CGST Act, cannot be said to be a non-taxable supply.
  • Transactions specified in Schedule III which are treated as neither a supply of goods nor a supply of services, would also not qualify as non-taxable supplies.
  •  Supplies that enjoy the benefit of being wholly exempted from taxes, nil-rated supplies and zero-rated supplies are also not covered under the umbrella of ‘non-taxable supplies’ given that the goods or services are in fact liable to tax, and such tax is exempted by virtue of an exemption notification, or the tax rate is nil.
  • Only those supplies that are excluded from the scope of taxation under GST are covered by this definition – i.e., alcoholic liquor for human consumption.


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